Jack and his (Ellie’s) love glasses

I don’t recall how Jack came to be wearing Ellie’s “love glasses” but all that matters is that they work for him. He looks insanely adorable, especially when he throws that beautiful smile into the mix. Love this guy so much.
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Jack’s 1st birthday [VIDEO]

It has been a whole year now since Jack was born.

366 whole days.

I’m really finding it hard to fathom that. It came so much quicker than it did with Ellie because life has been so much busier with two than it was with one.

Nonetheless, our little man really is becoming a little man now. He’s on the precipice of walking and all of a sudden, he’s changed from a little bundle of body parts to a little boy with human stature. It’s bizarre to witness.

This evening, to celebrate his birthday, we went to Love Food Central in St Pete – one of our favourite local vegan places – to enjoy dinner with some family. The owners were even kind enough to give Jack a piece of peanut butter pie with a candle in it and he boshed the lot of it! Continue reading “Jack’s 1st birthday [VIDEO]”

Sitting up in his crib

Well, Jack is now sitting up by himself – a fact we uncovered when he wouldn’t seem to go to sleep the other night, only for us to find out that he had sat himself up and was playing around. So now, most mornings we go into his room and get met with these gorgeous eyes and adorable smile. Continue reading “Sitting up in his crib”

Jack’s 8-month picture

Another month, another picture. It’s been a month of a lot of milestones for Jack: he’s sitting up by himself, getting to a sitting position by himself, having baths in the big bath and Jack’s first Christmas to name but a few.

He continues to grow and he looks exceptionally tall in this picture (perhaps because of the big clothes – thanks Aunty Shelly!). He’s so happy and so much fun though. I love him to bits! Continue reading “Jack’s 8-month picture”